The Jerusalem Strategic Tribune is a journal representing Israeli and American views about international affairs. Like the tribunes of ancient times, we give voice to a range of opinions about the issues at the heart of each country’s politics, with an ear to the concerns of the mainstream, the perspectives of academics, and the experience of practitioners.

We believe shared interests and values will help the two countries define the strategy each needs to address today’s challenges. The Jerusalem Strategic Tribune brings together thought leaders of the two countries, and beyond, to discuss and refine that strategic vision.

We publish regularly with each issue having a central theme. The Jerusalem Strategic Tribune also carries regular columns – Grand Strategy and Identity Politics, Diplomatic Dispatches, Military Matters, Window on Washington, Inside Intelligence, and A Profile in Policy, as well as a review of literature.


Ahmed Charai, Chairman & CEO of World Herald Tribune, Inc.


Robert Silverman


Jacob Heilbrunn

Associate Editors

Ksenia Svetlova
Annie Pforzheimer

Board of Directors

Gen. James Jones
Ahmed Charai
Admiral James Foggo III

Board of Advisors

Hon. Dov Zakheim, Chairman
Gen. James Clapper
Hon. John Hamre
Gen. Yaakov Amidror
Ambassador Anne W. Patterson
Ambassador Eric Edelman
Ambassador Bilahari Kausikan
Ambassador Atul Keshap
Gen. Ruth Yaron
Dan Meridor

Jerusalem Forum

Yossi Beilin
Dan Ben-David
Fleur Hassan-Nahoum
Martin Kramer
Ehud Yaari

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