Essays April 2024

Iran and the “Ship of Theseus” Paradox

On February 1,1979 when Ayatollah Khomeini debarked at Mehrabad airport in Tehran, he was asked what form of government he...
Essays April 2024

The Day After Tomorrow:
Dark Clouds Loom over the Middle East

In one of his last interviews on German television, before passing at the age of 100, Henry Kissinger opined that the...
Essays April 2024

Israel’s Next Steps: Build on Victory

In the face of the dramatic large-scale Iranian assault on Israel April 14, Israel has a fateful choice, usually presented...
Essays April 2024

Detecting and Blocking Iran’s Nuclear Breakout

The Iranian missile and drone attack on Israel in the early morning hours of April 14 serves as a reminder of Tehran’s...
Editorials April 2024

Iran’s Attack Requires a Broad Response

Iran’s attack on Israel, with more than 170 drones and 120 ballistic missiles, was the largest that...
Essays April 2024

The Houthis’ Asymmetrical Maritime Warfare

The war launched by Hamas on October 7, 2023 caught Israel and its defense establishment by surprise, but the same cannot...
China April 2024

What Might Deter Xi Jinping?

The past two years have witnessed several failures of deterrence – Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 and Hamas’...
Israel at War April 2024

Video Interview with Elyakim Rubinstein

Interview with Elyakim Rubinstein – Former Israeli Peace Negotiator and Supreme Court Justice. Interviewer: Ksenia...
Columns March 2024

How Israel Wins the Postwar

Israel must finish the job of crushing Hamas in Gaza both as a military force and as a government. That’s the legitimate...
Essays March 2024

Russia’s Islamist Terror Threat Reemerges

On March 22, Islamic militants opened fire on a concert hall in the Russian capital of Moscow, killing scores of...
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