Columns May 2022

Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and the Re-Pharaonization of Egypt

What do the following events have in common? A new capital is being built in Egypt —“the Administrative” (al-idariyyah) for...
Columns May 2022

It’s All About Resilience

In recent years, among scholars of war, there has been a growing consensus that nonmilitary factors have an increasing...
East Mediterranean May 2022

Greece in the Eastern Mediterranean

The Eastern Mediterranean is on the frontlines of a struggle for peace and economic development at a time when maritime...
Essays May 2022

The Attack on Abu Dhabi

Three global hot spots are developing in early 2022. In Europe, the crisis in Ukraine overshadows all else; in the Far...
East Mediterranean May 2022

Shifting East Mediterranean Tides: From Conflict to Club Med?

We are now in the midst of a transition in the geopolitics of the Eastern Mediterranean: away from conflict and toward...
Essays May 2022

To the Middle East and Beyond!

After decades of limited contact, Israel is connecting with its region at the strategic level. It seems safe to assume that...
China April 2022

New World Disorder

The latest battle zone in the Russia–Ukraine war was in the quiet, mostly mannerly halls of the United Nations. There, in...
Columns April 2022

Alternative Views in Intelligence Analysis

It is mid-July 1958, and the Middle East is on fire. Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion calls in the US ambassador and tells...
A Profile in Policy April 2022

The David of Ukraine

“Of two bad people, you choose the lesser evil. And you do that for 25 years in a row. And you know what’s interesting?...
Columns March 2022

The Great Washington Divide Over the Defense Budget

Vladimir Putin did what was seemingly impossible: He united Democrats and Republicans against him. The war in Ukraine also...
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