Essays May 2023

A New Gaza Policy for Israel

Israel’s current policy towards Gaza is based on deterrence, reinforced with periodic military operations. But the military...
JST Events May 2023

Iran Policy Discussion at the JST Breakfast in Washington

On May 22, the Jerusalem Strategic Tribune hosted a breakfast discussion on US policy towards Iran, led by Dr. Suzanne...
Essays May 2023

Russia-Ukraine Information Warfare

On November 15, 2022, NATO and Russia had a tense moment that might have escalated into a military confrontation. A missile...
Columns May 2023

Israel’s Divided Government, the Palestinians, and the US

The November 2022 elections in Israel gave the present coalition a clear majority of 64 out of 120 members of the Knesset....
Essays May 2023

Guatemala’s Hollowed-Out Democracy Faces a Test

On June 25, just over 9 million Guatemalans will head to the polls to elect a president, vice president, members of...
Essays May 2023

Jake Sullivan’s Moment

Jake Sullivan was 44 when President Biden named him as national security advisor, the youngest American national security...
Essays April 2023

The Lessons We Should Have Learned from the First Lebanon War

Three former US military officers recently reflected in these pages on the “The Lessons We Should have Learned from...
Essays April 2023

Haiti’s Perfect Storm:
And How to Get Out of It

Haiti has for decades been in a perfect storm of internal challenges – earthquakes, floods, poor governance and now a...
Print Issues April 2023


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Essays April 2023

Egypt’s Economic Challenge

Egypt’s army specializes in executing set-piece operations. In 1973, the army had the idea of using water cannons to...
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