Essays November 2022

The Netanyahu Doctrine

A New Doctrine for Israel The notion of a national security doctrine is usually associated with the foreign policy of...
Columns November 2022

When Nation Building Works

Nation building is a US policy for transforming post-conflict countries, a policy discredited among a broad swath of...
Essays November 2022

The Reasoning Behind Israel’s Refusal to Supply Weapons to Ukraine

Ever since the Russian invasion of Ukraine last February, Israel’s policy of not supplying weapons to Ukraine has come...
Essays November 2022

Bringing Water Security for Palestinians and Israelis: A Call for a “Green Blue Deal” for the Middle East*

Today there is a window of opportunity to advance new Israeli–Palestinian water arrangements that can improve livelihoods,...
Africa November 2022

Trends in Africa as it Emerges from the Pandemic

Africa, along with the rest of the world, overcame a series of crises in the past three years, including the COVID-19...
Columns November 2022

Defense Minister Gantz Goes to Ankara

The ongoing rapprochement between Israel and Turkey was reinforced recently on October 27 by the visit to Ankara of...
Essays November 2022

The Abraham Accords at Year Two: A Work Plan for Strengthening and Expansion

Although it was not the Biden administration that fathered the Abraham Accords, it proved willing to adopt them—hoping,...
Essays November 2022

Turkey’s Hinge Election

In 2023, Turkey will hold a hinge election. An opposition victory would mean a more democratic, pro-Western Turkey—and a...
Columns November 2022

The Middle East in the New US National Security Strategy

Outlining his foreign policy objectives in 2020 in the magazine Foreign Affairs, then presidential candidate Joe Biden...
Columns November 2022

The Debate Inside Israel over the Maritime Boundary Arrangement with Lebanon

Not since the Oslo Accords of 1993–1995 has an aspect of Israel’s relations with an Arab neighbor aroused such vehement...
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