Essays January 2022

Iran’s Performative Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism

Iran’s public policies of hostility to Jews in general (but not to its own Jewish community), which have gone as far as...
Columns January 2022

Is Diplomacy A Profession?

When I think of the tension between professionals and amateurs, the first name that comes to mind is the late George...
Essays January 2022

The Failing Negotiations with Iran

The talks between Iran and the permanent five Security Council members plus Germany appear to be...
Essays January 2022

American Jewry and Israel

The two largest demographic anchors of Jewry today are Israel and the United States, together accounting for 85% of the...
China January 2022

A Letter From the Publisher

Here’s to a Year of American and Global Comeback “In the midst of death, we are in life.” With stoic resolve, the words...
Columns December 2021

How Israel Became a Pro-American Democracy

Four score years ago, on December 7, 1941—that “date that will live in infamy,” as President Roosevelt called it—David...
Essays December 2021

A Jewish Response to Anti-Asian Prejudice

In recent months, an alarming new trend in anti-Hindu activism in the United States has come to the fore as the latest...
Essays December 2021

Israel and Palestine—What Can the US Do?

On the eve of President Joe Biden’s entry to the White House, several think tanks in Washington published some detailed...
Iran December 2021

A Reader’s Response: A Question of Survival

Iran’s nuclear ambitions, extensively discussed in the November–December issue of The Jerusalem Strategic Tribune, are a...
Essays December 2021

The Indian Jewish Community in Israel

In 1948, when the State of Israel was founded, waves of Jews from the three major centuries-old Jewish communities in India...
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