Essays June 2024

Eastern European Views of the Upcoming US Presidential Elections

Despite Russia’s attack on Ukraine, Eastern Europeans feel secure today. They have confidence in NATO as an organization...
Columns June 2024

Hidden Discord in the Russia-Iran Alliance

When Iran’s President Raisi died in a helicopter crash in May, President Putin expressed condolences and called Raisi a...
Columns June 2024

European Parliament Elections Have a Message for the West

The June elections for the European Parliament were more than a setback for Europe’s political establishment. For Germany’s...
Columns June 2024

The Only Path to Peace is Prosperity, Not Hamas

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address a joint session of Congress on July 24 at what promises to be an...
Essays June 2024

Why Jerusalem Remains Relatively Quiet during the Gaza War

Recently I called up an Arab friend in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Kufr ‘Aqab. Having just returned from Israeli...
Essays June 2024

Spanish Bull: Sanchez and Recognition of a Palestinian State

During the Middle Ages, Jews were persecuted and expelled, repeatedly at times, from every European country – but the one...
Essays June 2024

A Truce to End the War in Ukraine

Public support in the West for the war in Ukraine rests upon three frequently repeated assumptions: Russia’s invasion...
Economy June 2024

The Failure of the “Economic Peace” Model in the Middle East

On September 26, 2021, Israel's then Prime Minister Naftali Bennet took the podium at the UN General Assembly and laid out...
Essays May 2024

Quo Vadis Germany: Is It Ready for an Era of Great Power Conflict?

The German term Zeitenwende, or historic turning point, entered the American political lexicon three days after the...
Essays May 2024

A European Plea to Biden

I admire America and feel nothing but deep respect and gratitude for it. Yes, I’m familiar with the reservations among many...
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