Columns December 2023

The Hostages Held in Gaza –
And Israel’s Contradictory Impulses

There is nothing rational, let alone normative, about a situation where a terror group and its affiliates took 240 people...
Columns December 2023

At Dawn They Slept

The best defense is a good offense. Or is it, really? October 7, 2023, the costliest day in Israel’s history, provides a...
Essays December 2023

Why is It So Difficult for Israel to Decipher Hamas?

As they were marching towards Jerusalem, the knights of the First Crusade lay siege to the city of Antioch in southern...
Essays November 2023

Anti-Israel Activism in American Universities II
Middle Eastern Studies and Israel Studies

>> Read part I: The Advent of Anti-Israel Sentiment on Campus In Part I, I described the rise of...
Essays November 2023

Anti-Israel Activism in American Universities I
The Advent of Anti-Israel Sentiment on Campus

Kol Yisrael Arevim Zeh Bazeh.[ “All Israel is bound one to the other,” Jewish legal principle of the Talmud.]...
Essays November 2023

The US College Campus as a Long-term Strategic Threat to Israel, the US and Global Stability

By now it’s clear to anyone paying attention that many American college campuses have since October 7 become hotbeds of...
Essays November 2023

The Intelligence Failure of October 7 – Roots and Lessons

Hamas' sudden attack on the kibbutzim and the towns neighboring the Gaza Strip caught the IDF and the country by total...
Essays November 2023

The Hamas-Iran Relationship

In the weeks since the Hamas massacre on October 7, pundits have debated whether or not Iran helped Hamas develop the plan...
Essays November 2023

Iran’s “Controlled Insurgency” against the US in Syria and Iraq

In the immediate aftermath of Hamas’s attack on Israel on October 7th and during Israel’s counter-offensive into Gaza,...
Essays November 2023

Three Weeks of Ground War in Gaza

On Saturday, November 18, Israel’s war in Gaza reached its 43rd day and the ground offensive in Gaza has now...
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