Essays August 2021

The Abraham Accords and the Talking Stick

For much of the last decade, I served as the commander of the US Navy Sixth Fleet and Allied Joint Forces in the...
Essays August 2021

Diplomatic Innovation and Civil Society

Introduction In September 2006, a few weeks after the end of the Second Lebanon War, a small group of Israeli...
Essays August 2021

New Energy Dynamics: OPEC, the US—and the EastMed

As global commerce reemerges from the pandemic, new patterns of energy consumption, supply, and sourcing are becoming...
Essays August 2021

Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears

In 2011, Vice President Joe Biden met with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and later reported that he told Putin that he...
Essays August 2021

Dealing with the New Turkey

Turkey has become an increasingly central player in Eurasia; at the same time, it remains a cipher. Its assets are...
Literature August 2021

A Promised Land

By Barack Obama. Crown, 2020, 751 pages. Barack Obama’s election in November 2008 was a landmark event in recent...
Afghanistan August 2021

Biden’s Afghanistan Mistake

The full ramifications of the poorly managed US withdrawal from Afghanistan—and the subsequent rout of the Afghan National...
Essays August 2021

President Biden and Israel

Upon taking office in January 2021, President Joe Biden knew he needed to tackle a number of critical issues. There was,...
Essays August 2021

The Two-State Solution Imperative

The past two centuries have been witness to many seemingly intractable global problems for which solutions seemed out of...
Essays August 2021

No, You Can’t: The Prospects of a Two-State Solution

It is not often that a top-ranking official shares with his readers the strategic assumptions of his time in office with...
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