Essays November 2021

Healing Israel’s Relations With Diaspora Jewry

The Challenge A widening rift between the Jews of Israel and those living in the diaspora now looms over the future of...
Essays November 2021

Israel and the New American Landscape

The political landscape in Washington has changed. Israel’s outreach to the Democrats is vital— including to some...
Israel November 2021

A Reader’s Response: Reject Erdoğan’s Courtship

In his paper “Dealing With the New Turkey” (The Jerusalem Strategic Tribune, August 2021), Ambassador James F. Jeffrey has...
Editorials October 2021

Biden Must Stand With the People of Iran

President Joe Biden came to the White House promising to restore America’s global role. He said he would take...
Afghanistan October 2021

Editorial: After the Longest War

As the first issue of The Jerusalem Strategic Tribune was going to print, a long, dark shadow was falling fast upon the...
Afghanistan October 2021

The Race for Advantage in Psychological Warfare

Introduction: The Growing Importance of Non-Kinetic Means In August 2021, commenting on the hasty withdrawal of Western...
Essays October 2021

Israel—a Cyber Nation?

Israel is perceived as a powerful cyber nation worldwide. Technology companies like Check Point, Argus, Verint, and NSO, to...
Iran October 2021

Bad News—in Time: Secret Talks with Amos Gilead

Warning Lights, Secret Talks with Amos Gilead,1 by Shimon Shiffer. Yedioth Ahronoth, 2019. It has been twenty years now...
Essays October 2021

The Case for Military Diplomacy

Is the pen truly mightier than the sword? It depends on whom you ask. Israelis tend to perceive national security in a...
Afghanistan October 2021

Same Mistakes for Israel in Lebanon, US in Afghanistan

US forces completed their withdrawal from Afghanistan just 11 days before the 20th anniversary of 9/11, ending the longest...
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