Essays April 2023

American Policy and the Israeli Domestic Debate

On March 29, a few hours after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pressed pause on his government’s plan to overhaul...
Essays April 2023

Israeli Sovereignty and American Intervention

The streets are seething. Police have clashed with demonstrators and there have been not only arrests but some...
Essays April 2023

Back to the Basics of Shared Values in the US-Israel Relationship

Recently, I was asked whether I might consider revising the book I wrote on the US-Israeli relationship entitled Doomed to...
Editorials April 2023

Letter from the Publisher

The first-ever criminal indictment of a former U.S president holds important lessons for the world and American allies....
Essays April 2023

What an Improved Nuclear Deal with Iran Should Look Like

Twenty years ago, on 17 March 2003, Mohammed ElBaradei, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA),...
Columns March 2023

The Roots of Israel’s Judicial Reform Proposal

A bitter debate has now engulfed Israeli society over the proper role of the judiciary. The new government, led by Prime...
Asia March 2023

China’s Middle East Marathon

Described by the New York Times as “the topsiest and turviest of developments” and “a shift that left heads spinning,” the...
Essays March 2023

The Unity Trap

In our era of division, it is not uncommon for political leaders in the United States to cite the rhetorical prowess of...
Essays March 2023

American Military Guarantees Boost Ukraine’s and NATO’S Long-Term Prospects

Introduction  In a hard-hitting essay published here in the Jerusalem Strategic Tribune, A Year of War,...
Essays March 2023

How Would Republicans Conduct American Foreign Policy Today?

The global order is changing rapidly. China is brokering normalization between Iran and Saudi Arabia while the United...
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