Helping Paraguay Become a Stronger US Ally

President of Paraguay Santiago Peña. Photo credit: Jesús Hellín / Europa Press via Reuters Connect.

Paraguay is at a hinge moment in its history, with the election last year of a new president. With small steps, the United States could make a significant difference. This collaboration would both enhance Paraguay’s development and its status as a US ally. The country’s biggest constraint, however, is corruption. and more engagement from the […]

An ‘America First’ Democracy Support Agenda for the Next President

Photo credit: Shutterstock.

Freedom and democracy have declined globally over the last two decades. This is bad for US security and prosperity, because autocracies hostile to the United States find more willing supporters among other autocrats. Furthermore, American companies trying to access markets of less-democratic developing nations face opaque regulatory regimes subject to the whims of unaccountable predatory […]