Quo Vadis Germany: Is It Ready for an Era of Great Power Conflict?

Photo credit: Christoph Soeder / DPA / Picture Alliance via Reuters Connect.

The German term Zeitenwende, or historic turning point, entered the American political lexicon three days after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, on February 24, 2022. On that day, Chancellor Olaf Scholz convoked a special session of the Bundestag and employed this term to underscore the need for a dramatic change in Germany’s foreign and national security […]

A European Plea to Biden

Photo credit: REUTERS/Ken Cedeno.

I admire America and feel nothing but deep respect and gratitude for it. Yes, I’m familiar with the reservations among many in Europe, ranging from Vietnam to Guantanamo, from the death penalty to the right to bear arms, from Afghanistan to the second Iraq war. My feelings for America are stronger. That’s because they are […]

Germany’s Far Right Gets Their Day in Court

Heinrich XIII Prince Reuss and his lawyers during the trial in Frankfurt, May 21, 2024. Photo credit: Boris Roessler/Pool via REUTERS.

When he was arrested by German federal police in December 2022, the 72-year-old tweed-jacketed Heinrich XIII Prince Reuss may have looked like a harmless old aristocrat. But on May 21, he went on trial in Frankfurt for plotting a coup d’état to topple the German government on what he called “Day X.” In all, three […]

Ukraine in the Trap of Ideological Fixations

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The tragedy now unfolding in Ukraine serves as a painful and powerful reminder of one of the foundational lessons of modern history. Ideological and faith-driven fixations, whether in foreign or domestic affairs, lead to bad policy. Evidence-based policies do not necessarily guarantee success, but their built-in pragmatism allows for adaptations that take into account changing […]