Iran Enters the Sudanese Civil War

A street in the city of Omdurman damaged in the civil war in Sudan. Photo credit: REUTERS.

Iran may be about to lose its ally Hamas, which Israel seeks to defeat. But is it also about to gain a new partner, Sudan, on the western side of the Red Sea?  Here we go again in Sudan. For decades the country experienced civil war and famine, triggered by religious conflicts and struggles for power […]

The Danger of Failed States Surrounding Israel

Middle East Illustration

Four months into the war in Gaza and the cafés in Tel Aviv are full. It’s nearly impossible to find a spot in trendy restaurants on weekends. Yet no one should be mistaken. Israel is not back to normal.  A radio or television plays in the background of nearly every café and shop, and when […]

Sudan’s Forever War

Santino Thon Bol, 39, a construction worker returned home to South Sudan following the outbreak of civil war in Sudan. Photo credit: REUTERS/Jok Solomun

The Republic of Sudan was born in war when it became independent in 1956. Since April of this year, the country is once again engulfed in a war that has ethnic, regional and institutional dimensions and that can once again result in a regime that exports instability and harbors terrorism.     Sudan has been here before. […]