Latin American Views on the Gaza War Are in Flux

People hold signs reading "Gaza Free" and "Long live Palestine, beautiful, free and sovereign" at a pro-Palestinian march in Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 3, 2023. Photo credit: REUTERS/Tomas Cuesta

In the days and weeks after the October 7 terrorist attack and Israeli military response, some Latin American nations have distanced themselves politically from Israel. While views of the conflict are evolving, the Latin American public’s reliance on social media for news reports, amid relentlessly negative images of suffering in Gaza, has contributed to widespread […]

Venezuela’s Deep-Rooted Crisis

Supporters of Venezuelan opposition leader Maria Corina Machado during a rally in Venezuela, March 2023. Photo credit: Jorge Mantilla via Reuters Connect

Facing pivotal elections in 2024, Venezuela remains in crisis through a combination of socio-economic upheaval and dysfunctional rule that make it the largest problem in the Western Hemisphere.  A Background of Authoritarian Rule and Governmental Dysfunction      In 2018, Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro rigged a presidential election process, moving up the date for the vote from […]