The Jerusalem Strategic Tribune is proud to offer, now and in the future, voices not only from both sides of the Atlantic but also from both sides of some of the major debates of our time, concerning the future of conflict, the prospects for progress, and the role of the US–Israel relationship.

Photo credit: Alex Brandon/Pool via REUTERS

Gen. James L. Jones, former national security adviser to President Obama, argues:

It is time for an American administration to take a step the United States has been too reluctant to take, one which could make the difference both in bringing peace and restoring US influence in this vital region. That step is to advance an American plan for the establishment of a two-state solution, one that could be and should be supported by the international community and as a basis for agreement between the respective Israeli and Palestinian leaderships.

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Photo credit: Alex Brandon/Pool via REUTERS

Dr. Dan Schueftan, an adviser to Israeli decision makers, responds:

A host of gaps on important issues, such as the extent of Palestinian sovereignty, border and security considerations and Jerusalem, impede a permanent settlement. On the Israeli side, not only ideological commitment to Judea and Samaria and territorial appetite in some quarters, but also the absence of determined leadership, stand in the way. The Palestinian insistence on undermining the very existence of the Jewish state is, however, in a category of its own, a priori precluding even a serious discussion concerning historic compromise, let alone a two-state solution.

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