US Foreign Policy in an Election Year, <br> A Discussion at the JST Breakfast in Washington

Ambassador Anne Patterson, General Jim Clapper, and former Under Secretary of Defense Dov Zakheim – representing the worlds of diplomacy, intelligence and defense – led the discussion on February 29, at the Metropolitan Club in Washington. JST publisher Ahmed Charai began by surveying the many challenges facing the United States in this year Following are […]

The Danger of Failed States Surrounding Israel

Middle East Illustration

Four months into the war in Gaza and the cafés in Tel Aviv are full. It’s nearly impossible to find a spot in trendy restaurants on weekends. Yet no one should be mistaken. Israel is not back to normal.  A radio or television plays in the background of nearly every café and shop, and when […]

Israel’s Revised National Security Doctrine Must Include Border Defense

The remains of a home in Kibbutz Beeri in southern Israel, following the attack by Hamas on October 7, 2023. Photo credit: REUTERS/Amir Cohen.

Twice in the last fifty years, Israel sustained surprise attacks on a major scale. In the first instance, in October 1973, the IDF failed in fulfilling its mission of defending Israel’s frontiers, but partially compensated for this failure later in the war. Fifty years later, in October 2023, the IDF failed in an irreversible way […]

Video Interview with Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert

JST columnist Ksenia Svetlova interviews Israel’s former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert about the war with Hamas during his time in office, about the current conflicts in Gaza and the northern border, and Israeli domestic politics. Read the full transcript below. Note: This transcript is lightly edited for accuracy. Ksenia Svetlova: Were you surprised when October 7 […]

‎Offensive Cyber Operations As a Tool of War

Photo credit: Jakub Porzycki via Reuters Connect.

Cyberspace has become a major domain for organized crime as well as for statecraft in the twenty-first century. Israel has become a top global cyber power. But cyber offense is no silver bullet.  What Is a Cyber-Attack?  A senior JPMorgan executive made headlines at the recent Davos gathering: “people are trying to hack into JPMorgan […]

Self-Deterrence Will Not Stop the Houthis or Their Iranian Suppliers

Houthis graduate new tribal recruits in the Bani Hushaish, Yemen, January 22, 2024. Photo credit: REUTERS/Khaled Abdullah.

Self-deterrence is a defense concept that a state may be restrained from using its military power not by the fear of a counter strike but rather owing to reputational concerns arising from moral, legal or other considerations. This concept may partly explain US reluctance to escalate the current level of military conflict with Iran, though […]

Comparing Gaza with Mosul

IDF troops in Gaza, November 2023. Photo credit: EYEPRESS via Reuters Connect.

When the war broke out in Gaza, observers made a number of comparisons to the challenges faced by the US-backed anti-ISIS coalition in the battle of Mosul. I was in northern Iraq when it began in October 2016, and I covered the battles leading up to the liberation of the old city of Mosul in March and April 2017. […]

The Ukraine War After Two Years: Initial Military Lessons

Ukrainian soldier defends Zaporizhzhia in south-eastern Ukraine. Photo credit: Dmytro Smolienko/Ukrinform/Sipa USA via Reuters Connect.

As the war approaches the end of its second year, unless some dramatic development occurs to shift current trends – for instance, a collapse of NATO support for Ukraine or the death of Putin – it seems that the war is a long way from being decided or brought to an end. Initial lessons on […]