Quo Vadis Germany: Is It Ready for an Era of Great Power Conflict?

Photo credit: Christoph Soeder / DPA / Picture Alliance via Reuters Connect.

The German term Zeitenwende, or historic turning point, entered the American political lexicon three days after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, on February 24, 2022. On that day, Chancellor Olaf Scholz convoked a special session of the Bundestag and employed this term to underscore the need for a dramatic change in Germany’s foreign and national security […]

Democracy in Poland

Poland's Prime Minister Donald Tusk. Photo credit: Beata Zawrzel via Reuters Connect.

Poland’s democratic transition is proving to be turbulent and challenging.  The liberal center-right government led by Donald Tusk took office on December 13, 2023, after eight years of rule by “Law and Justice,” a nationalist right-wing party. The new government’s reform efforts face the kind of domestic opposition that may pose the biggest threat to […]

Even Before the Guns Fall Silent: Israel’s Political Debates Reawaken

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant during a press conference in Tel Aviv, October 2023. Photo credit: ABIR SULTAN POOL/Pool via REUTERS.

As 2024 began, the Israeli war effort in the Gaza Strip changed in nature (see Israel Shifts Tactics in Gaza), with the focus shifting to the battles in the central and southern areas and to special forces operations against Hamas’ immense tunnel system. But the hostage situation remained unresolved, with 136 still held according to […]

A Libertarian Shakes Up Argentina

Javier Milei waves to his supporters from a balcony of the government palace after taking office as president on December 10, 2023. Photo credit: Florencia Martin/dpa via Reuters Connect.

Promising libertarian economic shock therapy and a new foreign policy, President Javier Milei is taking Argentina’s political scene by storm.  A Mandate for Change With an eleven-percentage point electoral victory on November 19, President Milei claims a mandate for radical change. His inauguration speech on December 10 broke with a tradition of addressing the legislature. […]

Israel’s Divided Government, the Palestinians, and the US

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu chairs a cabinet meeting in Jerusalem, May 14, 2023. Photo credit: Gil Cohen-Magen/Pool via REUTERS

The November 2022 elections in Israel gave the present coalition a clear majority of 64 out of 120 members of the Knesset. The coalition intended to produce a government with a firm rightwing ideological orientation. At long last, Likud party loyalists cheered, we don’t need to compromise with centrist or left-leaning partners.  >>  Insight from […]

The Leaderless Protest Movement in Israel

People protest against the proposed judicial reforms, in Tel Aviv, Israel, February 25, 2023. Photo credit: REUTERS

Since December 2022, every Saturday evening after Shabbat, tens of thousands of Israelis have demonstrated against the judicial reform proposals of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s government. Former generals and judges, economists, journalists, hi-tech professionals, medical workers, shopkeepers, young students and their grandparents who fought in the War of Independence, native-born Israelis and recent immigrants, and Arab […]

Not Much Left

A "Meretz" party election campaign banner is seen in the northern Israeli-Arab city of Nazaret, Israel. Photo credit: REUTERS/Amir Cohen

Israeli election results of the past 30 years illustrate the dramatic decline of Israel’s formerly ruling left. In the 1992 elections, under the leadership of the late Yitzhak Rabin, the Labor Party won 44 seats (out of 120) in the Knesset, and his Meretz partner (led by its late leader, the sharp and acerbic Yossi […]

The Seismic Effects of the War in Ukraine

Shelling destruction in Kyiv, Ukraine. Photo credit: Sadak Souici/Le Pictorium/Cover via Reuters Connect

A dangerous, uncertain transition to a different global system may lie ahead, due to structural and economic reasons, which bring the impact of the war to practically every doorstep worldwide.