Essays October 2021

Israel—a Cyber Nation?

Israel is perceived as a powerful cyber nation worldwide. Technology companies like Check Point, Argus, Verint, and NSO, to...
Iran October 2021

Bad News—in Time: Secret Talks with Amos Gilead

Warning Lights, Secret Talks with Amos Gilead,1 by Shimon Shiffer. Yedioth Ahronoth, 2019. It has been twenty years now...
Essays October 2021

The Case for Military Diplomacy

Is the pen truly mightier than the sword? It depends on whom you ask. Israelis tend to perceive national security in a...
Afghanistan October 2021

Same Mistakes for Israel in Lebanon, US in Afghanistan

US forces completed their withdrawal from Afghanistan just 11 days before the 20th anniversary of 9/11, ending the longest...
Essays October 2021

Is Iran Finally Breaking Out?

A question mark now hangs over Iran’s willingness to return to compliance with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action...
A Profile in Policy October 2021

The Lost Battle of Ahmad Jibril

On July 7, 2021, a few hundred Palestinians gathered to attend a funeral at Yarmouk refugee camp cemetery, on the outskirts...
Essays October 2021

Dealing With a (Still) Hostile Iran

During the summer of 1979, at least ten times a day someone in Tehran would ask, “When are THEY leaving? Next week? Next...
Essays September 2021

The Perennial Need for the Use of Force

The biblical account of human history starkly documents fratricide at the very beginning—Cain kills Abel. Personal violence...
Editorial September 2021

“Building Back”: Read JST in Print

As more essays and columns are added week by week to The Jerusalem Strategic Tribune website, we are also proud to offer an...
Afghanistan September 2021

The US and Pakistan—What Next After Afghanistan?

The usual metaphor for the US–Pakistan relationship is that it is a roller coaster ride: dramatic ups and downs and rarely...
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