Columns August 2023

Is Israel's Military Fraying?

An Israeli officer in the air force reserves writes an anguished letter to his commanding officer. In his late 50s and thus...
Afghanistan August 2023

Afghanistan Two Years after the Taliban Take-over

On the two-year anniversary of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, JST asked five experts who worked in and on...
Columns August 2023

The Shrinking US Defense Budget: Its Washington Politics and Outlook for the Coming Year

Congress has never had an easy time passing defense budgets. Despite partisan bickering, however, the Congress has...
Essays August 2023

Should America and Israel Sign a Defense Treaty? Depends on the Saudi Deal

A defense treaty with the US sounds attractive to many in Israel. In 1986-1987, I chaired discussions on the issue in the...
Essays August 2023

What’s Next for Russia?

The war in Ukraine was supposed to be over in just a few days, according to US intelligence sources. One and a half years...
Essays August 2023

Should America and Israel Sign a Defense Treaty?

A bilateral US-Israel "security deal” or defense treaty is back on the agenda of an Israeli government, according to the...
Asia August 2023

China’s Influence in the Middle East and the Strategic Considerations Underlying it

The difficulty in comparing America's and China's influence in the Middle East is that the two operate on entirely...
Afghanistan August 2023

Exporting Instability

In the two years since they took over Afghanistan, the Taliban have ignited several diplomatic crises and security threats...
Arab states of the Persian Gulf August 2023

Growing Asian Ties to the Gulf

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida, Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol and Indian Prime Minister Modi each made a trip recently to...
Essays July 2023

Four Decades of Talks with Arab Diplomats

Three months after I came to live in Jerusalem, in November 1977, I joined my fellow Israelis standing on the side of the...
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