Essays July 2023

The United States, Iran, and the Lessons of the Last War

Generals, the old adage goes, are prone to fighting the last war.  Political leaders and the people they represent...
Columns July 2023

Israel’s Agenda with China

On June 27, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told a visiting American congressional group that he plans to visit Beijing...
Essays July 2023

Biden at the NATO Summit in Vilnius: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

When President Joe Biden entered office he was quick to declare that “America is back.”  After his predecessor...
Asia July 2023

India’s Security Policy: Balancing Its Russia Dilemma with New Partnerships

Introduction: Recurring Pakistani And Growing Chinese Challenges   India faces disputed boundaries and...
Print Issues July 2023


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Essays July 2023

Venezuela’s Deep-Rooted Crisis

Facing pivotal elections in 2024, Venezuela remains in crisis through a combination of socio-economic upheaval and...
Essays June 2023

Did Israel Lose the Syrian War? Not Yet

Ehud Yaari’s “How Israel Lost the Syrian War” in The Jerusalem Strategic Tribune provides unequaled insight into Israel’s...
Essays June 2023

Can Iran Find a Place in Regional Integration?

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, in February 2021, boldly summarized President Joe Biden's strategy as a “foreign...
Columns June 2023

The Four Tribes of Modern Israel

A high school teacher has a rebellious student in his civics class and asks her to write an essay about some issue that...
Columns June 2023

Assessing Israel’s ongoing campaign against Iran in Syria

Since 2013  - and more intensely since 2017 - Israel has been conducting an active military and intelligence campaign...
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