Afghanistan September 2021

Afghanistan: The Ten Big Mistakes

America’s chaotic exit from Afghanistan was merely the culmination of a series of major errors that began late in 2001, two...
Afghanistan September 2021

Know Thy Partner

Sun Tzu summed it up neatly when he spoke about knowing oneself and knowing one’s enemy. Like most truisms, this one is...
Afghanistan September 2021

A Diplomatic Look Before We Leap

Surgeons are the gods of the operating room. In American medical culture, surgeons are treated as uniquely knowledgeable...
Columns September 2021

What Makes Israel “Iran’s Arch-Enemy”

In media references to Israel’s position toward the present regime in Iran—or vice versa—it is common to describe the two...
Essays September 2021

An Effective—and Coercive—Iran Strategy

The Biden administration seems to be on the wrong track. No strategy against the Islamic Republic of Iran can be effective...
Essays September 2021

The Sinai Multinational Force, 40 Years On

A multinational military and civilian observer force in the Sinai has supported regional stability for 40 years. This...
Essays September 2021

Personal Perspectives on Middle East Peace

In the context of the ongoing debate in The Jerusalem Strategic Tribune about the prospects of peace in the...
Essays August 2021

Israel’s African Comeback

On July 22, Israel’s ambassador to Ethiopia, Aleligne Admasu (one of several Israeli diplomats of Ethiopian origin) was...
Essays August 2021

The Abraham Accords and the Talking Stick

For much of the last decade, I served as the commander of the US Navy Sixth Fleet and Allied Joint Forces in the...
Essays August 2021

Diplomatic Innovation and Civil Society

Introduction In September 2006, a few weeks after the end of the Second Lebanon War, a small group of Israeli...
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