The David of Ukraine
How did the successful comedian become president of Ukraine?
The Great Washington Divide Over the Defense Budget
The U.S. government was unable to agree on a budget for five months after the beginning of the fiscal year. Continuing resolutions have become a congressional addiction.
Hassan Nasrallah, Master of Lebanon
What comes next for the most powerful man in one of the Middle East’s weakest countries?
The Role of the IDF in Israel’s COVID-19 Crisis
Do the advantages of utilizing the IDF in responding to a the Covid-19 crisis outweigh the disadvantages?
Is Diplomacy A Profession?
Ambassadorial positions should be filled with diplomats who meet the highest standards of the profession together with occasional non-professionals who bring a fresh perspective. But that is not how US diplomacy is generally staffed these days.
How Israel Became a Pro-American Democracy
Ben-Gurion’s Grand Strategy and the Role of American Jewry
Time for AI Assessment
War is a human endeavor, and the assessment of warlike trends is too important to be left to machines
America’s Political Troubles
Washington is suffering from a severe case of political gridlock. Are internal divisions sapping American leadership?
Bad News—in Time: Secret Talks with Amos Gilead
Literature review: Shimon Shiffer's "Warning Lights, Secret Talks with Amos Gilead"
Same Mistakes for Israel in Lebanon, US in Afghanistan
Israel’s Lebanon Syndrome, the US’ Afghanistan Syndrome: Different military stories, similar conclusions
The Lost Battle of Ahmad Jibril
This man had dedicated his life to Israel’s extermination. What remains of his legacy of violence?
Afghanistan: The Ten Big Mistakes
America’s chaotic exit was merely the culmination of a series of major errors, going back to 2001
Know Thy Partner
Why “knowing the enemy” and “knowing thyself” is not enough
A Diplomatic Look Before We Leap
What Congress can do to improve the executive branch’s decision-making process
What Makes Israel “Iran’s Arch-Enemy”
How the Sunni–Shiite divide became a revolutionary mission, affecting the entire Middle East
A Promised Land
Literature review: The Obama memoir, like his presidency, over-promises and under-delivers
The Surfacing Submarine Submerging (Again)
The Mossad used to be a stealthy submarine. Under its new chief, it will revert to being a silent service
The IDF’s Concept of Information Campaigns
The IDF should draw some conclusions from recent conflicts on how to revise its information campaigns
With Twitter and Email, Do We Still Need Cables?
Neither email nor Twitter replaces the carefully drafted diplomatic dispatch
Ideology, Asymmetric Warfare, and Deterrence
For some, the higher the cost, the stronger the claim to be the true representatives of values worth dying for
When America Creates a Vacuum, Others Fill It
America’s adversaries are not the only ones to respond to Washington’s changing regional priorities
Vladimir Putin, a Tsar Without an Empire
Can Putin lead not only with power, but with solidarity, diplomacy, cooperation, and trust?
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